August Newsletter


August 2021

Newsletter from Rupert Matthews

Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner

for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

First Day

Rupert’s First Day in Office


For the first time since being elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, I am writing a newsletter. There’s lots to catch-up on but firstly, I’d like to say hello to all of our Conservative members old and new.

Secondly and most importantly I want to say how honoured I am to have been elected to serve the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland as their Police and Crime Commissioner. I Look forward to implementing my manifesto to improve policing, crime prevention and related services over the years to come.

Finally, I must say how happy I was to see a clean sweep across the East Midlands for Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners and commend all the work of our excellent candidates and members for their efforts last May your hard work paid off.  


l live

Rupert Speaking to Leicestershire Live                              



Rupert’s Signing his First Grant to the New Life Community Church


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  Rupert Meeting with Search  and Rescue Volunteers




                                                                    Rupert’s First Meeting with the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners                


Cream Tea

National Cream Tea Day in Diseworth 


My first months as Police and Crime Commissioner:

Now a couple of months into my tenure as PCC, I, of course, have already learned all of the acronyms, remember everyone’s name I meet and am totally au fait with all things policing. At least some of that is true... maybe. My excuse, however, is that I have been far too busy seeing the great work that goes on throughout our beautiful counties and fabulous city. I’ve been everywhere from Oakham to Leicester to Loughborough to Hinckley.


  • Last week I met with the highly skilled and dedicated search volunteers behind Leicestershire’s specialist search and rescue service to thank them for their invaluable impact on public safety.


  • The week before, I awarded a grant of £9,500 to the New Life Community Church Loughborough Area Foodbank Project who works towards combating poverty and hunger, and supporting local people, has been a god-send for many throughout the pandemic.


  • Before that, I Visited the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners to work with colleagues and members of parliament on how to keep our streets safe.


  • And last but certainly not least, I got a taste of local life in Diseworth on National Cream Tea day, where I hosted my first Commissioner’s Cuppa. I invited the villagers of Diseworth to join me for a cream tea to find out their views on crime and policing.                                   National Cream Tea Day in Diseworth 


Don’t worry; I know what you’re thinking. “When will Rupert come and offer me and my village cream tea?” Well, fear not, as getting to know residents and understanding their concerns is essential, and as PCC, I’m looking forward to more of these events over the summer.


All that and, of course, England reaching the final of Euro 2020 just a few weeks after I took office, which I’m sure cannot be a coincidence. So, it’s been all go over at force HQ, and I cannot wait to get out of my Zoom meetings now restrictions are lifted and see even more of you in the weeks and months ahead, maybe even having a drink at a bar [lemonade, obviously].

Members may also be interested in reading my latest Conservative Home Article about my first few days in office. The article can be found at the link below:

Rupert Matthews: Early days as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire | Conservative Home

Thank you for your continued support and for helping secure Conservative victory after Conservative victory.


Boris too would like to add his thanks:






Working together, we will make Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland safer for everyone who lives and works here. Rupert

In the meantime,

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I look forward to seeing you all soon.

With best wishes, 



Rupert Matthews

Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland










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