Conservative Friends of the ECR

Conservative Friends of the ECR - East Midlands Branch

As you may know, our Conservative Members of the European Parliament sit with the European Conservatives and Reformists [ECR] Group. The ECR Group is the third largest group in the European Parliament and is made up 71 MEPs from 18 different countries. It is predominantly interested in reform of the European Union to make it more decentralised, with more powers going to the member states, and working to promote free markets, free trade and individual freedom. 

Conservatives Friends of the ECR is a group which will work to maintain close links with like-minded politicians and allies at the heart of the EU even after we leave. After Brexit it will be vital to maintain links at all levels between ourselves and like-minded political parties across Europe.

Rupert Matthews MEP is leading the charge in the East Midlands, having set up a branch of the group here in the East Midlands to ensure that we are still connected with our neighbours in Europe. The branch will be organising events, distributing news and sharing updates. 

If you would be interested in joining the group, which involves no obligation on your part, please sign up on the left hand side of this webpage.