Drop-In Surgery in Bruntingthorpe

On Saturday morning, I held my Drop-In Surgery in Bruntingthorpe.

We set up stall in the Village Hall. This fine building is the old village school, and a mighty fine hall it is too. There is a kitchen and toilets, plus a back yard that used to be the playground. I will admit that it was a bit nippy when we arrived, but the lady looking after the hall switched on the heaters, and we were toasty in no time at all.

First through the door was a man come to talk about car crime. Next came a lady worried about burglary in Patling Parva, then a couple from Bruntingthorpe who had no particular subject in mind but who just wanted to meet me. Finally a man who worked in Leicester and who was concerned about drugs in the city. I had also received some emails before the surgery.

Overall it seems that most people are reasonably contented with the way the police respond to crime when it happens. However, there does seem to be some real disquiet about how often the police are seen in the village and its area. There is certainly a desire for more visible policing in Bruntingthorpe and nearby villages.