Traffic Enforcement Problems in Measham

On Friday I met up with Cllr Andrew Woodman, the excellent councillor for Measham North on North West Leicestershire Council. We had a jolly nice breakfast in the Cafe on the Corner in Measham while we chatted about crime and policing in the area. The key issue that Andrew wanted to raise was that of road safety and speeding on the Ashby Road just outside the village. We went out to see for ourselves, and it must be said that several of the cars that zipped past were going at high speed. This was a particular concern for those heading into Measham. The road takes a bend and then motorists are suddenly in the village with pedestrians around and parked vehicles. For motorists who do not know the area, this must surely be dangerous. Andrew suggested that the mobile speed camera might come to Measham more often, something that I agree would help the situation here.