Visiting the African Network

On Saturday I paid a visit to the African Network organisation which works across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to connect, inspire, empower and promote Africans and those of African heritage through capacity building by setting a global standard for responsible decision making and by being a leading voice for freedom of expression and privacy rights within our communities.

I was met by their Chairman, Kaiser, who explained to me that African Network is an organisation for Africans and those of African heritage who share and believes in the furtherance of the objectives of the Africans. Members are Africans and those of Africa heritage living in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. The organisation’s primary goal is to share ideas, information and network with each all Africans.The aims of the organsiation are to empower, support, promote and embed Africans into the mainstream services that are available as well as raised the aspirations of members and their communities to achieve their full potentials.

He explained that the vision of Africa Network LLR is that of an integrated, peaceful and prosperous Africans and those of African heritage and their communities, driven by Africans, and a dynamic force from friends of Africa. Africans has a critical role to play in translating this vision into concrete action through clearly defined strategic missions.A united and integrated Africans that is anchored in a pluralistic model of African society and seeks to ensure the progress and prosperity of Africans and those of African heritage in LLR and elsewhere Building the capacity of actors involved in African integration Ensuring the overall coherence of projects and educational programmes aimed at accelerating support and integration of Africans into local, national and international services.

It was a fascinating visit during which I learned a lot about the experiences of Africans and those of African heritage living in our society. I wish them and the African Network well.