Crime Survey in the Belgrave area of Leicester

Today I went to the Belgrave area of Leicester with my crime survey. It was a Sunday morning, so I did not knock on doors but concentrated on delivering the survey leaflet to domestic and business premises. I did, however, get chatting to a few people as I strolled about the area.

Stealing Pigs is No Joke

One of the most interesting things about running to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and Rutland is that I get to meet all sorts of people, and learn about a wide range of different lifestyles.

Taking my Crime Survey to Eyres Monsell, Leicester.

This morning I took my Crime Survey to Eyres Monsell, a large 1950s housing estate on the southern side of Leicester adjacent to the southern ring road. It was a lovely sunny morning to be out - though a bit chilly. I soon warmed up as I trotted along.

A visit to the Rushey Mead area of Leicester.

On 11 January I went to the Rushey Mead area of north Leicester to knock on doors with my Crime Survey. I had a good response, and pushed a copy of the survey through the letterbox of anyone who was not in. I shot a couple of short videos while I was there:

Video Part 1

Taking A Second Chance with the Wire Project

A few weeks ago I visited the offices of The Wire Project in Leicester. It was a fascinating chance to look at how it is possible for someone to have a second chance and turn their lives around.

Tackling Rural Crime in North West Leicestershire

Crime in rural areas poses its own special problems – the often long distances involved can slow down response times, fewer people out and about can make witnesses difficult to find and unlit roads provide cover at night for criminals.