Rupert attends meeting to discuss labelling of fur products

On 27 Sept Rupert attended a meeting in the European Parliament organised by fellow Conservative MEP John Flack [Eastern] and the Fur Free Alliance. The meeting highlighted the way in which fur products are often mislabelled in a way to mislead the public. 

Facts and Emotions

Rupert writes for his colleague Ulrike Trebesius MEP, a fellow member of the ECR Group from Germany.


Rupert campaigns for Conservative candidate in Hucknall

Over the weekend Rupert visited Hucknall in Nottinghamshire to campaign for Sheila Clarke, who is the Conservative candidate in the upcoming by-election in Hucknall North ward.

Rupert helped Sheila to deliver her latest leaflet ahead of the crucial vote on 12th October.


EU Army - is it going to happen?

Jean-Claude Juncker has outlined his ambition for an enhanced European Defence Force, and more contributions to the European Defence Fund. So will we see an EU Army in the near future? After President Juncker's speech I discussed the plans with two fellow MEPs on a TV discussion programme.