National Hate Crime Awareness Week

This week is National Hate Crime Awareness Week. And right on cue the Home Office has issued the latest figures for England and Wales.

Tackling "County Lines" Drug Gangs

The "County Lines" drug gangs are a blight on our communities. Towns across Leicestershire and Rutland are being targetted by gangs from nearby cities.

How CCTV helps Retail businesses in Anstey

I have been receiving several comments from retail businesses and eateries about the increasing crime problems that they are suffering from - including shoplifting, vandalism and even attacks on staff.

Tackling burglaries and car crime in Birstall with Cllr Roy Rollings

We took our street stall to Birstall on Saturday to talk to local residents about crime and policing. It turned out to be a fascinating morning with lots of shoppers and passersby stopping to tell us about their concerns, views and about crime or anti-social behaviour in their home area.