Crime Concerns in Coalville

On Thursday I went to Coalville to talk to Andrew Bridgen MP and local councillors and residents about crime and policing in the area. It turned out to be a fascinating meeting.

Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in Anstey

On Friday I went to Anstey to meet with Cllr Deborah Taylor and Cllr Paul Baines. We met in the Nook Corner Café where we had a fine full English breakfast, served with aplomb by the café’s owner Sharon.

Crime Survey in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire

I was recently in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, to deliver copies of my Crime Survey to houses and talk to people who were out shopping. I was helped by Cllr Jonathan Collett. We had an interesting time, but it is clear that even in this tranquil rural town there is a real fear of crime.

Car Crime in Burbage, Leicestershire

At the weekend I went to Burbage to support Dr Luke Evans, the new prospective parliamentary candidate for the Bosworth Constitency. While there I met local resident Roger, who was recently a victim of car crime.

Crime Problems in Ratby, Leicestershire

On a visit to the lovely village of Ratby, Leicestershire, with Cllr Richard Allen I discovered that speeding traffic is a real problem here, as is ASB and other crime. The local residents feel that a lack of visible police presence is a driving factor in this crime.