The Government's Spending Round - update

With all the furore over Brexit going on, it seems that some have lost sight of the fact that the Chancellor is today presenting his Spending Round to Parliament. Ordinarily this would be a big deal that would dominate the headlines across the media. Not so this year.

The Spending Round is Brought Forward

I welcome the news that the Chancellor has announced that the Spending Round will take place on Wednesday 4 September. This is some weeks before it was due to take place, and the early timing is great news.

I'm with Priti Patel when it comes to sentencing

In the wake of the death of PC Harper, who died after being dragged along the road by a vehicle in Sulhamstead village, Berkshire, after attending a reported burglary, the new Home Secretary Priti Patel called for a crackdown on assaults on police officers.

I'm Backing the New Police Covenant

I've been away on holiday, so I'm catching up with the news. So this is the first chance I have had to comment on the announcement by the Home Secretary that he has plans for a police covenant

Meeting to Discuss Frontline Safety for the Police

The recent murder of PC Andrew Harper has sparked a number of swift actions to improve the safety of our frontline police officers. Quite right too. But we must not forget that the long term safety of those on the front line depends on long term actions.

Economy and employment

Ensuring the opportunity of employment for everyone is crucial not only for our economy but so families can support themselves.

Knife crime

As knife crime increases within our communities, I was pleased to hear that police will be given greater powers to use Stop and Search in the areas worst affected by knife crime so we can take weapons off our streets. 

Projekt Hansa Youth Conference

On 20th February, we had the pleasure of hosting our first annual Projekt Hansa Youth Event at the European Parliament in Brussels.