How to Help my Campaign

Since becoming Police and Crime Commissioner [PCC] for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland i have introduced a number of important reforms to our area. Among other improvements, I have achieved:

  • More Police Officers - Police Officer numbers in the Leicestershire Police have risen from 1997 to 2311.
  • Rural Policing Team - A team of officers specially trained and equipped to combat crime in rural areas has been established, and then expanded.
  • New Front Desks - New front desks open to the public have been opened in Oakham and Coalville, part of my drive to make police stations more accessible to the public.  
  • "Green Pandas" - Electric patrol vehicles have been introduced for use on routine patrols.

In May 2024 I will be standing for re-election as the PCC. All political campaigns cost money as there is the need to print leaflets, place media adverts, run social media promotions, hire venues for public meetings and so forth. The total allowable spend for a PCC campaign is over £100,000, compared to around £16,000 for a Parliamentary Campaign. 

PCCs receive no funding from the central Conservative Party for their campaigns. We have to raise it all ourselves. 

Please donate money to my PCC Campaign by clicking the donate button. 


Please note that you are legally permitted to donate ONLY if you are one of the following:

  • individuals registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests
  • most UK-registered companies
  • Great Britain registered political parties
  • UK-registered trade unions
  • UK-registered building societies
  • UK-registered limited liability partnerships (LLP) that carry on business in the UK
  • UK-registered friendly societies
  • UK-based unincorporated associations that carry on business or other activities in the UK
  • some types of trust and certain public funds

Any moneys not spent during the 2024 PCC election will be retained and donated to future Conservative Party campaigns.