My Plan

My Plan to make our communities safer brings together the police, local councils, voluntary groups and individuals to form an effective and efficient team to fight crime, put criminals in prison and take action to prevent crime happening in the first place. 

  • Combat knife crime and violent crime

    A key part in My Plan to make our streets safe again is to combat knife crime and violent crime generally. Tackling these threats to our safety is a big job with many challenges, but I am determined to face up to the task. This will include:

  • Tackling Speeding and Road Safety

    In 2022, a total of 28 people were killed on the roads of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. That is 28 too many! The number is down from 38 in 2011, but we need to work together to push the number down even further.

  • Improving Neighbourhood Policing

    When many people think of what police do, they think first of neighbourhood policing. It is the neighbourhood police and Police Community Support Officers who do most of the communication and contact with the public.

  • Supporting Crime Prevention

    When Sir Robert Peel founded the modern police force nearly two centuries ago he set out ten principles of good policing. The very first stated that the key job of the police was to "prevent crime and disorder".

  • Violence Against Women and Girls [VAWG]

    Violence against women and girls is a despicable crime that comes in many guises. As part of my campaign to make our streets safe again, I have been supporting the police and community groups who are working with victims of domestic abuse, rape and other sexual violence.