Tackling Knife Crime

Boris Johnson has just announced that “We will empower police to tackle scourge of violent knife crime”.

Armed Robbery and Police Response in Moira

On Friday I went to Moira so that Cllr Andrew Woodman could show me the Co-op store where there had recently been an armed robbery. All was peaceful when we arrived, but Andrew soon filled me in.

Traffic Enforcement Problems in Measham

On Friday I met up with Cllr Andrew Woodman, the excellent councillor for Measham North on North West Leicestershire Council. We had a jolly nice breakfast in the Cafe on the Corner in Measham while we chatted about crime and policing in the area.

Crime Issues in Nanpantan, Charnwood

On Friday I met up with Cllr Margaret Smidowicz, the excellent councillor for Nanpantan on Charnwood Council. We had an interesting chat about local issues, and particularly about crime and policing.

A Call for Active Policing in The Wolds, Loughborough

On Friday I went to Loughborough to meet with Cllr Jenny Bokor, who does an excellent job of representing The Wolds ward on Charnwood Council, and who serves as Cabinet Lead Member for Loughborough.

Drugs, crime and anti-social behaviour in Loughborough

On Friday I went to Loughborough to meet with Cllr Ted Parton and Cllr Paul Mercer to discuss crime and policing issues in their Southfields ward of Loughborough. According to Ted and Paul much of the crime in their area is driven by drugs.