Car Crime in Burbage, Leicestershire

At the weekend I went to Burbage to support Dr Luke Evans, the new prospective parliamentary candidate for the Bosworth Constitency. While there I met local resident Roger, who was recently a victim of car crime.

Crime Problems in Ratby, Leicestershire

On a visit to the lovely village of Ratby, Leicestershire, with Cllr Richard Allen I discovered that speeding traffic is a real problem here, as is ASB and other crime. The local residents feel that a lack of visible police presence is a driving factor in this crime.

Belgrave Road Retail Crime Survey, Leicester

I have been hearing reports of serious problems affecting retail businesses in the Belgrave area of Leicester. So I went out to the area with a survey form to hand out to the shop managers of the area. Along with Tom, I spoke to several dozen managers and workers, plus passersby.

Jewellery Crime in Belgrave, Leicester

On a recent visit to the Belgrave area of Leicester I talked to several people who reported that "chain-snatching" was a serious issue in the area. Youths on motorbikes or bicycles snatch jewellery from women in the street and make off at speed.

The Domestic Abuse Bill

Today the Domestic Abuse Bill is having its second reading in the House of Commons. Given that domestic abuse is one of the most pernicious of crimes, and notoriously difficult to prosecute, I thought I would put down my thoughts as a blog.

I welcome the £10m Taser rollout to our Police

The government is to spend £10m on arming more officers with electric stun guns, as part of the ongoing action by Conservatives to give our police the tools that they need to keep our streets safer. That is good news, and I welcome it.

Retail Crime Survey in Leicester City Centre

My thanks go to Zeena Mistry and the Conservative students in Leicester for helping me distribute a survey to retail businesses in Leicester City Centre. Here is a short video about that survey.